Motul Suzuki Marine 4T 10W-40 - 5 Litr

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Motul Suzuki Marine 4T 10W-40

Semi-synthetic motor oil compliant with NMMA FC-W standards developed for use in SUZUKI gasoline 4-stroke outboard engines, especially used in harsh conditions. FC-W standard, which has been specially developed for marine engines, has much superior features compared to standard marine oils.

These features are:

With its high HTHS viscosity at - 150 ° C, it guarantees a better protective oil layer resistance at high temperatures and prevents gasoline deposits that may occur during long waiting times.

- Provides high protection with high temperatures and 40 viscosity degree in hot climate.

Superior tear resistance, keeping oil performance at the highest level at high temperatures

- It contains special anti-corrosive additives that prevent sea water and sea water vapor from entering the exhaust and reach the combustion chamber, causing decay at this point. At the same time, it provides superior protection against rotting even in machines that do not run during the winter season.

- Even if sea water mixes, it does not compromise its properties.

- More corrosion resistant structure

• Special formula without air and foaming

Standards: API SL

Approvals: NMMA FC-W -N ° FB-84113K

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