Shell Tonna S3 M 68 - 15 kg

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Shell Tonna S3 M 68

Shell Tonna S3 M oils are specially designed for the lubrication of bench slides and tables. They are produced from the composition of highly refined mineral oils with additives that increase adhesion, anti-wear and anti-slip properties.


Kız Slide, table and feeding mechanisms of benches: It is compatible with a wide variety of materials used in slide systems, including cast and synthetic materials.

Sistemleri Hydraulic systems of the benches: It can be used on skids and benches where only one type of oil is used in the hydraulic system.

➡ On bench gearboxes and shafts.


✓ Excellent friction properties: In these machines, especially in slow-moving systems, the surface movement may experience some pauses. Shell Tonna S3 M avoids these pauses to provide uninterrupted movement. In this way, the surface quality and sensitivity of the processed parts are increased.

Teknoloji Advanced technology: Developed by working with machine tool builders. Thus, it meets the needs of a wide range of sliding materials of the most advanced workbenches.

✓ Adhesion property: Since it has very strong adhesion to the surface, it does not wash away with cutting fluids.

Bilme Easily separable from water-soluble liquids: Since it can be easily separated from water-soluble liquids, it can be easily cleaned from the surface.

✓ Excellent anti-wear properties: It has excellent anti-wear properties for slides, gears, bearings and hydraulic system elements.

✓ Excellent anti-corrosion property: It protects all surfaces and parts of the countertop against corrosion in applications where water-soluble cutting fluids are used.


ISO 11158 / 6743-4 HM,

HG 12925-1 / 6743-6

CKC 19378 / 6743-13


Cincinnati Machine P-50

(ISO VG220) P-47 (ISO VG68)


Shell Tonna S3 M 68 220 ISO Viscosity Grade 68 220 Kinematic Viscosity ISO 3448 @ 40 ° C mm2 / s 68 220 100 ° C mm2 / s 8.6 19.1 Viscosity index ISO 2909 98 98 Density @ 15 ° C kg / m3 ISO 12185 879 894 Flash Point (COC) ° C ISO 2592 225 250 Flow Point ° C ISO 3016 -24 -15 TYPICAL PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS The values ​​given above are typical and may vary from production to production.

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