BP Visco 7000 5W-30

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BP Visco 7000 5W-30 from Cleanguard Engine Protection Technology is a premium quality 100% synthetic lubricant that guarantees long-term engine cleanliness.

Optimal engine operation depends on its internal cleanliness.

The range of BP Visco lubricants with Cleanguard Technology guarantees engine cleanliness by avoiding the agglomeration of deposits

such as carbonaceous residues and black sludge on sensitive areas thus preventing clogging of the lubrication channels.

Cleanguard technology reduces the formation of carbonaceous residues and black sludge (sludge) and, by isolating the soot particles, prevents them from sticking to different parts of the engine.


BP Visco 7000 5W-30 is recommended for gasoline and diesel engines with or without particulate filter when the manufacturer requests an SAE 5W-30 grade lubricant which must meet the ACEA C3 specification or earlier.

BP Visco 7000 5W-30 is also approved by major vehicle manufacturers for variable oil change intervals and for vehicles fitted with particulate filters. In all cases, check the manufacturer's recommendations listed in the vehicle's maintenance manual.

Properties and advantages

BP Visco 7000 5W-30 offers the following advantages for the engine:

- Exceptional cleanliness.

- Outstanding protection.

- Reductions in harmful emissions.

- Reduction of oil consumption in addition.

Product performance


MB-Approval 229.51

VW 504 00/507 00

Fulfils the requirements of the former VW 503 01 specification


It is recommended to store the packaging under cover. If the storage is done outdoors, the drums must be laid down and stored horizontally to avoid possible water ingress as well as the erasure of the product identification. The products must not be stored at a temperature higher than 60 ° C and should not be exposed to strong sunlight, intense cold or strong temperature variations.

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