Shell Transmission MA 75W-90 209 Litr

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Shell Omala S4 WE 460

Former Name of the Product: Shell Tivela S 460

It is a high performance, anti-wear, synthetic polyalkylene glycol based gear oil that provides high protection especially against micro-pitting.

Compatibility with seals and paints:

High quality epoxy paints are recommended. Viton is primarily preferred

nitrile materials can also be used.

Exchange procedure:

Shell Tivela S polyalkylene glycol is a base oil product. Therefore

should not be mixed with mineral oils. When switching from mineral oil to Tivela S

great care should be taken. The system should be flushed with a small amount of Tivela S.

The system should be run without load and drain while the oil is hot. Ideal

sealing elements should also work with mineral oils

It must be replaced. Necessary checks after a few days of use

It should be done.

Shell Tivela S should not be mixed with some other polyalkylene glycol products.

For this reason, maximum attention to additions to other products

It must be shown. The recommended method is to completely empty the old product.

Tivela S is used after flushing.

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