Castrol Optileb WOM Range

Medicinal White Oils

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The Castrol Optileb™ WOM Range (previously called Whitemor™ WOM Range) of Medicinal White Oils are highly refined mineral oils which comply with all of the purity requirements of the various national Pharmacopoeias for Liquid Paraffin.

Optileb WOM Medicinal White Oils are used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and plastics industries and for all other applications where extremely high standards of purity are required. Castrol Optileb WOM Medicinal White Oils also comply with the purity requirements of:- Mineral Hydrocarbons in Food Regulations 1966 (SI No. 1073), British, European and United States Pharmacopoeias, Meets FDA regulations 21 CFR 172.878 and CFR 178.3620. WOM 14 and 65 are also NSF-H1 approved.

Castrol Optileb WOM 14

Castrol Optileb WOM 24

Castrol Optileb WOM 65

No staining or discolouring Odour and tasteless Extremely high purity NSF-H1 approved

WOM 14 WOM 24 WOM 65

colourless, transparent colourless, transparent colourless, transparent

850         860         870 Density

16.0         32         70.0 Kinematic Viscosity 40*

3.5           5.3-6      9.2 Kinematic Viscosity 100*

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