Castrol Rustilo 150

Heavy duty solvent based corrosion preventive

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Castrol Rustilo™ 150 is a dark hazy brown fluid, consisting of a solution of high performance corrosion inhibitors in hydrocarbon solvent. After evaporation it leaves a pale brown, tough, plastic-like film which is water repellent.

Film possesses good mechanical strength which permitts treated components to be handled without disturbing the film

Special storage conditions not necessary

Water repellent film.

Withstands severe conditions Free of heavy metals, such as Barium

Rustilo 150 may be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing. Preparation of work surface: All foreign matter such as metal particles, scale and dirt, should be removed. Ensure the surface to be treated is free from water and other liquids.

Methods of application: a. Dipping - the work should be totally immersed for two to three minutes before being raised and drained. Some agitation is an advantage, allowing proper penetration to all components, especially those which might lie close to one another. b. Spraying – the spray should be at moderate pressure and fairly coarse, to avoid premature evaporation of solvent. The nozzle should not be held too close to work and care is needed to ensure a regular film. Spraying should cease when the first signs of running appear. c. Brushing – the brush should be soft and Rustilo 150 should be flowed on and not brushed out, to ensure a regular film.

Drying and film hardening – before treated work is handled or wrapped, time must be allowed for evaporation of any solvent to be effected and the film to dry.

Thinning – a suitable hydrocarbon solvent may be used to thin Rustilo 150 to a more workable consistency. Please consult you Castrol contact for further advice.

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