Po TMS Oil 975 180 Kg

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TMS oil 970 series


It is a transmission oil developed for use in transmissions, oil bath brake systems, torque converters of high performance, heavy duty work machines. It provides superior protection against wear and tingling thanks to the latest additive technology. It can be used easily in old and new model construction machines. It provides excellent performance under variable load and speed conditions by keeping friction under control.

Places of Use:

It is recommended for transmissions of construction machines, brake systems with oil baths, torque converters.

Features and Benefits:

* They extend the life of the equipment in the clutches and transmissions they are used.

* Prevents vibration and slipping in clutches with superior friction control.

* They prevent wear and breakage in the transmissions thanks to the new additive technology,

* Since they are produced in a wide viscosity range, it is possible to choose properly in all systems.

* They are compatible with all kinds of alloys.

* They are perfectly compatible with sealing liners and standard gasket materials.

* They provide superior protection against oxidant and corrosion.

* They reduce operating and maintenance costs.

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