Po Torque Fluid 32 - 180 kg

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PO Torque Fluid 32

Paraffinic Based Power Transmission Oil


It is a power transmission oil produced with paraffinic base oils.


Places of Use

 It is used in hydraulic torque converters and transmissions of heavy vehicles and equipment, and hydraulic transmissions of locomotives.


Features and Benefits

 It protects the transmission system against wear by providing the necessary oil film even at low temperatures.

 It prevents rust and corrosion.

 It removes the high heat generated under heavy and long term working conditions from the system.

 Thanks to its high anti-foam and air release feature, it prevents hydraulic pump cavitation.

 Thanks to its excellent thermal stability, it prevents formation of deposits at high operating temperatures and extends oil life.

Typical Properties

Density @ 15 ° C g / ml ASTM 4052 0.875

Flash Point COC, ° C ASTM D 92 220

Kinematic Viscosity

Mm2 / s at 40 ° C

Mm2 / s ASTM D 445 33,0 at 100 ° C


Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 103

Pour Point, ° C ASTM D 97 -30

* Typical values ​​may differ slightly from production to production.

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