Shell Tellus S2 V 46

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Shell Tellus S2 V 46

Former Name: Tellus T 46

High Performance Hydraulic Oil Suitable for Wide Temperature Ranges

Shell Tellus S2 V is a mineral based hydraulic oil with high viscosity index, which provides high performance over a wide temperature range.


- It is especially recommended for use in hydraulic systems where temperature changes are high depending on the environment and operating conditions.

In some hydraulic systems, it is desirable that the changes in viscosity should not be high when the temperature rises or falls in terms of system efficiency and reliability. In this case, the use of oils with a high viscosity index is mandatory.

- High performance additives in Shell Tellus S2 V formulation provide high performance during long working hours.

- Shell Tellus S2 V oils are compatible with all sealants and paints used with mineral oils.


- Thanks to its very special additive technology, the temperature-dependent viscosity change is lower than other oils. In particular, this ensures good pumpability at low temperatures and continuous efficiency at high temperatures.

- The viscosity index increasing additives in the formulation are highly resistant to mechanical stress.

- Anti-wear additive technology allows Shell Tellus S2 V to provide high protection even under low speed, high load and other extreme conditions.

- Does not cause clogging of filters even in the presence of water and calcium.

- High resistance to formation of acidic products and sludge, even at high operating temperatures.

- Protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals against corrosion for long periods of time.

- Quickly repel the air entering the system without causing foam formation.

- Shell Tellus S2 V's zinc-based anti-wear additive technology provides ideal protection for most pumps, but is not suitable for some silver-plated older pumps. In this case, we recommend using Shell Tellus S.

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