About us

Liva Oil and Battery Industry and Trade Limited Company Targeting quality and customer satisfaction in marine, automotive and heavy industry, In Turkey Overall, 70 different points in the field of World Oil, Batteries, Chemicals and franchises are Distributorluk Holds hands together in a single company.

It has been working in the same sector since 1993 and serves you with mineral oil and by-products. In accordance with the conditions of today, changing the machine and computer environment every day, in different sectors Stocks are updated in accordance with industrial development conditions.

Bio Oils and Greases, Accumulator Groups, EURO CHEM As chemical products, Our goal is to provide you with fast and trouble-free service at every point where there is energy and electricity.  

Depending on the current conditions, we recommend you to review our wide range of SYNTHETIC products on our website.   You can find answers to all your problems from our website, by e-mail, by our work staff or by phone numbers on our website.

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