CASTROL Enduron Low SAPS 10W-40

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Description Castrol Enduron Low SAPS * is a 10W-40 heavy duty diesel engine oil designed to allow fleet operators to run their new vehicles to extended oil drain intervals.

* Low SAPS means that the lubricant is formulated with lower levels of Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulfur than conventional oils. Application The primary application of Castrol Enduron Low SAPS is for the latest low emission Euro 4 & Euro 5 European trucks and buses, especially those requiring a Low SAPS lubricant. It can also be used for older trucks and buses, and in off-road vehicles and equipment that require this performance level. Advantages Castrol Enduron Low SAPS 10W-40 uses unique additive technology to provide excellent engine protection for Euro 4 & Euro 5 vehicles when used at extended oil drain intervals, even under severe operating conditions. User benefits include:

• Extended oil drain intervals to keep vehicles on the road for longer. The unique low SAPS additive system keeps on working even in the toughest conditions. OEMs have approved Castrol Enduron Low SAPS 10W-40 for use at their extended oil drain intervals.

 • Efficient after-treatment systems. Castrol Enduron Low SAPS 10W-40 maintains the efficiency of exhaust after-treatment systems ensuring continued compliance with emissions legislation

• Engine protection, even when soot and other contaminants are present. Castrol Enduron Low SAPS 10W-40 is designed to protect the latest European vehicles against all types of engine wear, deposit and soot build-up and bore-polishing. Its unique formulation continues to protect even under the most severe conditions so extending engine life and preventing unscheduled downtime.

• Reduced inventory. Because Castrol Enduron Low SAPS10W-40 can be used in Euro 4 & Euro 5 trucks, fleets which contain different makes of vehicles only need to stock one engine oil.

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