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Description Castrol J-Max Plus is a 15W-40 premium quality, high performance diesel engine oil specially formulated for use in Japanese vehicles. This product exceeds the latest Japanese JASO DH-1 specifications and has been proven suitable for use in vehicles fitted with turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines. Castrol J-Max Plus has been specially tested in Japanese vehicles through field trials with excellent overall results. The special feature is the products multigrade characteristic which enables longer drain intervals and decreases in overall maintenance costs. The specific additives and formulation used in this product provides excellent protection for all moving components and keeps the engine in a clean condition even after extended drain intervals. Application Castrol J-Max Plus is suitable for use in all types of Japanese vehicles ranging from light commercial vehicles to heavy commercial vehicles. Castrol J-Max Plus can be used in turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines. Advantages / Features • Extended drain interval - compared to conventional oils, Castrol J-Max Plus has realised longer drain intervals due to its specific formulation, high dispersant and TBN number. • Excellent engine protection - the advanced anti-wear capability of Castrol J-Max Plus provides high levels of engine protection. Its DH-1 specification shows its superiority to other conventional products. • Excellent sludge resistance, thereby keeping the engine clean. • Exceeds the requirements of Japanese specifications both for engine tests and field trials.

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