Aeroshell Fluid 41 - 1 Litr

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AeroShell Fluid 41

Product equivalent: AEROSHELL LGF

The hydraulic fluid is a "super clean" based mineral oil containing an oxidation inhibitor and an anti-zinc additive additive. AeroShell Fluid 41 is painted red for detection and leaks for detection purposes.

Anti-corrosion and shear stability - AeroShell Fluid 41 contains additives that provide excellent low-temperature fluidity as well as outstanding anti-abrasion, oxidation. In addition, metal de-activators and defoamers are incorporated into this high viscosity index fluid to improve the performance of hydraulic applications. AeroShell Fluid 41 is capable of operating over a wide temperature range.

AeroShell Fluid 41 is designed as a hydraulic fluid in all modern aircraft applications that require mineral hydraulic fluid. AeroShell Fluid 41 is particularly recommended if the use of "superclean" fluid can contribute to improvements in reliability, and no pressurized air between -54C operating temperatures of 90 ° C and no -54C pressure between 135 ° C.

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