Molub-Alloy Foodproof 823-0 FM

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Molub-Alloytm Foodproof 823 FM greases have been developed for general lubrication of food machines. They have been

Landesgewerbe-Anstalt has been approved as “physiologically safe” by the LGA Bayern.

Molub-alloy food-proof 823 FM greases are approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (NSF) and Australia

Quarantine Services (AQIS) are used as “H1 lubricant” and “category 10, Lubricant Type A” respectively and can be used in foods

and the beverage industry, even if incidental contact with food products is possible.

♦ An outstanding base oil blend plus an FDA approved thickener provides good adhesion, film strength and water wash resistance

even at high temperatures. Drop-free features and off-white color Molub-alloy food-proof 823 FM greases

complete home-keeping efforts in the food and kindred industries.

♦ High performance combination of food grade additives provides excellent anti-wear protection. Combination

additives and mixing methods maximize rust and oxidation properties, provide effective protection against rust, and ensure long life.

service life of grease.


♦ Developed to lubricate food machines in high temperature applications where accidental contact with food is possible.

♦ Recommended for sleeve and roller bearings on overhead conveyors and other material handling equipment.

♦ Applicable manually or with automatic dispensing equipment

♦ Lighter consistency 823-0 FM grease can be used in gear situations where a channel-free subsidence grease is required

inspection leak.

♦ Temperature application range: -30 ° C to -120°C


♦ H1 lubricants and category 10, Lubricant Type A acceptable for use where accidental contact with food is possible

♦ The very high melting point and dripping properties of this grease minimize product contamination

IQue unique water resistance ensures continuous protection even when equipment is periodically washed

Physiologically physiologically safe - approved by LGA Bayern ) - base fluid and all other components used in 823 FM are suitable for sections

FDA guidelines 178.3570 and 178.3620.

Additional Information

Molub-alloy food-proof 823 FM greases are classified as non-hazardous according to ASCC criteria. This is classified as

Hazardous substances are caused by toxicity to aquatic organisms and can cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. He

it should not be left in the environment under any circumstances.

In accordance with safe use practices, it is recommended to use the operating instructions specified in the Castrol Material Safety Section

The Data Sheet must be followed.

Molub-alloy food-proof 823 FM greases are classified as a C2 flammable liquid for storage and transport purposes. One store

the area from direct sunlight is ventilated, cool, dry and good. Avoid sparks, flames and other sources of ignition. Keep away from store

incompatible materials, such as materials that support combustion (oxidizing materials). Reference should be made to

Australian Standard AS1940-storage and transport of flammable and flammable liquids.

Spill: small-20 liters or less

Castrol absorb diatomaceous earth or similar inert oil absorbent. Arrange for disposal through an approved facility.


Drink as soon as possible, remove in the best available ways, and arrange recycling (preferred) or recycling.

approved facility.

Disposal: New Or Used material should not be allowed to enter the soil, groundwater, waterways, sewers or drainage

system. Advice can be obtained from the Environmental Protection Authority or the local waste disposal authority

More information contd…

8 823 FM greases should not be confused with greases using a different thickener. Lubrication intervals

it will gradually be increased to ensure that the old oil is completely removed.

♦ Re-lubrication intervals at higher temperatures (above 100°C) should be determined by inspection

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