Mobilmet 766 - 20 Litr

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Mobilmet 766

Mobilmet 760 Series are extra high performance straight cutting oils. Although it does not contain chlorine, it has been developed especially for difficult operations on difficult-to-machine tool steels. These oils have a corrosive effect on copper and copper alloys. Compared to other leading premium cutting oils, the Mobilmet 760 Series offers superior performance in terms of surface quality, increasing tool life and tip boiling control. Thanks to their light colors, they ensure that the workpiece can be viewed with clarity continuously. Narrow machining tolerances can be achieved continuously. These oils are formulated to prevent oil mist formation around machine tools, thus contributing to a safer and more comfortable working environment.

In addition to the extensive development tests in which modern machines are used, the products of the Mobilmet 760 Series are among the products preferred by many workshops thanks to comprehensive customer evaluations.

Features and Benefits

Mobilmet brand cutting oils have earned a well-known reputation with their innovative and unique performances that have been going on for many years. Mobilmet 760 Series products are among the leading members of this family, with no chlorine and low fog additive system. While this formulation shows excellent performance in wide application areas, it also provides an advantage in environmental health and waste disposal because it does not contain chlorine.

Additional features and potential benefits of the Mobilmet 760 Series are as follows:

Features Advantages and Benefits

Excellent machining performance Increases production by prolonging tool life and reducing downtime due to tool change

Improved surface quality, narrow tolerances and less tip boiling reduces the amount of defective parts

Excellent lubrication feature reduces the temperature of the workpiece and reduces operating cost as a result of higher feed rate.

Multi-purpose use Enables a wide range of difficult machining operations on hard-to-cut steels

Light colored and transparent appearance Enables the workpiece and tools to be seen by the operator

Formulation that prevents oil mist increases workplace safety

Usage places

Mobilmet 760 Series; They are designed for use in a wide range of heavy and demanding operations of normal and difficult to process metals. Application areas are as follows:

* Mobilmet 762 is especially recommended for drilling on small parts, deep hole drilling (up to 20 mm in diameter), threading, threading, cutting and automatic turning.

* Mobilmet 763 is especially recommended for deep hole drilling (over 20 mm in diameter), drilling, threading, threading, milling, gear planing, broaching, cutting and automatic turning.

* Mobilmet 766 is used for threading, threading, milling, gear shaving and gear planing, broaching, cutting and automatic turning.


Typical Properties

Mobilmet Series 760 762 763 766

Kinematic Viscosity

cSt @ 40ºC 10.0 18.0 36.0

cSt @ 100ºC 3.0 4.0 6.0

Flash Point, ºC, COC 160 180 205

Specific Weight @ 15 @C, kg / l 0.87 0.87 0.88

Active Sulfur 01.Haz 01.Haz 01.Haz

Chlorine None None None

Oil Mist Prevention Pack Available Available Available

Friction Reducer Available Available Available

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