BP Energear HT 80W-90

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Energear HT 80W-90 is a high-performance lubricant, designed as complete driveline lubricants for use in all types of automotive gear boxes, axles and final drives, including hypoid axles and synchronized manual transmissions. Energear HT 80W-90 is suitable for commercial vehicles, passenger cars, agricultural and construction equipment, dependent on the viscosity grade required.


Complete driveline application, allowing rationalisation of lubrication stocks and minimising risk of misapplication.

Excellent wear protection under the most severe load conditions allowing longer component life.

Low temperature fluidity ensuring adequate supply of lubricant to critical components in cold start up conditions, allowing extended equipment life.

Improved thermal stability compared to conventional gear oils coupled with superior synchromesh compatibility and durability allow extended drain intervals to be used producing lower maintenance costs.

Inhibition of corrosion and foam.

Product performance claims


MAN 341 Z2, MAN 342 M2

MB-Approval 235.0

Scania STO 1:0

ZF TE-ML 02B, 05A, 12L, 12M, 16C, 17H, 19B, 21A

Recommended for use in Hino manual transmissions and differentials

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