Fuchs Reniso Triton SE 55 (SEZ)

Fully synthetic refrigeration oils based on synthetic polyol esters

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Especially suitable for non-ozone depleting FC/HFC refrigerants, such as R134a, R404A, R507, R410A, R407C. Also suitable for hydrocarbon refrigerants. As polyol ester oils strongly tend to absorb water (hygroscopic behavior), the contact of these lubricants with air (atmospheric humidity) has to be limited to a minimum.

The RENISO TRITON SE/SEZ products are perfectly suited for all refrigeration circuits in which chlorine-free refrigerants (HFCs/FCs), e.g. R134a are used. RENISO TRITON SE/SEZ-refrigeration oils are recommended for hermetic, semi-hermetic and open piston compressors, as well as for screw and turbo compressors (depending on viscosity). Comprehensive tests have been performed on the use of RENISO TRITON SE/SEZ products with new refrigerants designed to replace R22, such as R422A/D and R417A.

Based on polyolester (POE)

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