Motul 7100 5W-40 4T 1Litr

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Motul 7100 5W-40 4T

4-stroke engines, integrated gearbox or not, wet or dry clutch,

Indoor high performance engines, sports engines, street and road motorcycles equipped with Euro 2 and Euro 3 emission regulation meeting engines,

 Equipped with catalytic converters, air injection into the exhaust pipe: exhaust systems after purification systems.

Recommended for specific BMW, APRILIA, Moto Guzzi, SAE 5W-40 GAS GAS engines requiring viscosity grade oil.

Other uses: catalytic converters, street bikes without scooters, ATVs, UTV ..

Ester Technology:

- Low friction coefficient to minimize internal friction losses of Ester engine and improve performance

- Ester Synergy with anti-wear additives and improved shear resistance for improved gear protection and life expectancy.

100% Synthetic oil for improved oil film resistance at high temperatures and high speeds. Optimized Phosphorus and Sulfur content (JASO MA2 <1200 ppm) for better working conditions of catalytic converter.

The innovative anti-wear additives package provides exceptional transmission protection. FZG Gear Test results: Pass FLS> 14. FZG Test,

 Evaluates fluid lubrication and wear protection features in the interface full of gear. Oils later FLS 14 (outstanding result)

 they are classified based on the FLS rating from their "Failure Load Stage" or FLS 1 (very poor result).

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