Mobil Prosol Nt 70 - 208 L

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Product description

Mobil Prosol Nt 70 are water soluble, multipurpose, high performance, semi synthetic cutting oils. These oils have been formulated with high quality base oils, emulsifiers and additive systems to ensure high processing performance in a wide variety of machining processes. The high-oil emulsion serves as excellent cutting performance, outstanding tool lubrication and corrosion prevention.

Mobil Prosol Nt 70 can form oils easily and stable microemulsions with water. These products are designed to emulsify with water of a wide variety of qualities and to be resistant to foaming even in high pressure systems.The emulsions created by Mobil Prosol Nt 70 provide longer coolant life than conventional water-soluble cutting oils, if correct cutting oil maintenance procedures are followed.

Mobil Prosol Nt 70 oils are nitrite and chlorine free.

Features and Benefits

The water-soluble cutting oils of Mobil Prosol Nt 70 have a well-deserved reputation for their outstanding performance over many years. These oils can be used in a wide variety of processes and show lubricating properties. Among the features and potential benefits of Mobil Prosol Nt 70, we can count the following:

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits

Excellent machining feature Helps increase production by extending cutting tool life and reduces downtime due to tool change and stone grinding

    Increases surface quality and precision, resulting in less scrap and better quality finished parts

    Helps increase production without adverse effect on tool life or any other factor thanks to higher feed and machine processing speeds

Easy inspection and maintenance Provides consistent and reliable performance

Its wide application area provides the opportunity to reduce the product range and reduce the stock cost.

It provides the opportunity to use in a wide variety of working and seasonal conditions suitable for a wide variety of water qualities.

Provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion Helps extend tool life and can provide short-term protection to workpieces

Chlorine and Nitrite free Reduces waste disposal costs and protects the environment

Low odor improves working conditions.

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