Lukoil Navigo Tpeo 12/40

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High-quality oils for trunk-piston medium-speed marine diesel engines operating on heavy diesel fuel under the most severe conditions


Due to their excellent neutralization capacity in operation on heavy diesel fuels, the LUKOIL NAVIGO TREO series oils ensure the cleanness of an engine, particularly, of the outside and inside surfaces of the piston, housing, camshaft and other parts. These oils feature perfect oxidation resistance at high temperatures, thermal stability, low volatility, ample lubricating properties, good water resistance and low emulsifiability, they easily purge water during separation and can perfectly protect diesel engine parts against corrosion.


The LUKOIL NAVIGO TREO series oils have been developed for trunk-piston medium-speed diesel engines used as primary and auxiliary power plants on seagoing ships, as primary power plants on river boats and coasting vessels, as well as industrial engines operating on high-sulfur fuels. The oils are especially effective for low oil consumption diesel engines or the ones

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