Rexoil Alesta H 30/40

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION Medium Speed ​​Diesel Engine Oil ALESTA R SERIES, TBN value formulated with special additive packages and high quality base oils for the use of medium speed, trunk piston type main engines and auxiliary machines using heavy fuels containing sulfur less than 3%. is high diesel engine oil. For gear transmission systems SAE 30 and SAE 40 are recommended for use on all types of marine diesel engines. BENEFITS • Provides successful results with 30 TBN value in systems using fuels less than 3% of sulfur • Prevents the accumulation of pollution in pistons and segments thanks to its cleaning feature • Extends the life of oil due to good oxidation stability. • Good water separation APPROVAL AND SPECIFICATIONS Specification Unit 3030 4030 SAE 30 40 API CF CF Density @ 15 ⁰C g / cm³ 0.910 0.922 K. Viscosity @ 40 cSt - - K. Viscosity @ 100 cSt 11-12.5 12.5- 14.5 TBN-E mg KOH / g 30 30 Flash Point (PMCC) ⁰C 220 228 Pour Point ⁰C -18 -18 The stated values ​​are our typical characteristics.

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