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DESCRIPTION The Castrol Alphasyn T range of high performance, fully synthetic lubricants is based upon synthetic hydrocarbons and designed for use in central lubricating systems and gearboxes operating under arduous conditions - particularly at elevated temperatures. APPLICATION Castrol Alphasyn T Range was originally developed in ISO 150, 220 and 320 viscosity grades for the central lubrication systems of paper-making machines. The range of viscosities available for virtually every application where a lubricating oil is placed under extreme stress, from hydraulic systems (using Alphasyn T32 and 46) through to large, slow moving gears where Alphasyn T460 would be used. The outstanding oxidation stability of Alphasyn T grades allows oil change intervals to be extended in circumstances where extreme operating conditions results in a short service life when using conventional mineral oil based lubricants and can also allow savings in more normal situations by reducing the level of maintenance required. All products in the Alphasyn T range of lubricants have very low pour points and excellent viscosity/temperature characteristics, allowing their use in low temperature as well as high temperature applications. FEATURES BENEFITS 6 Outstanding thermal stability and resistance to oxidation, 6 Long oil life, reduction in downtime 6 High load carrying ability, 6 Reduces energy loses 6 Outstanding water and air separation 6 Can be used in wet environments 6 Exceptional rust protection. 6 Longer machine component life 6 Low Volatility 6 Oil consumption due to evaporation reduced; viscosity does not increase in service 6 Low foaming tendency 6 Ensures constant lubricant flow

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