CASTROL Tection 15W-40

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Description Castrol Tection is a 15W-40 mixed fleet SAE 15W-40 diesel engine oil designed to provide excellent protection for fleets containing vehicles from a variety of manufacturers. Application The primary application for Castrol Tection 15W-40 is in European and US technology vehicles. Castrol Tection 15W-40 is a versatile product which can be used in trucks, buses, LCVs, off-road vehicles and equipment, and also in agricultural vehicles.

Advantages Castrol Tection 15W-40 provides excellent protection for a wide variety of engine makes, so is an excellent choice for on and off-road fleets which contain different vehicle types. User benefits include:

• Excellent protection for European and US technology engines. Castrol Tection 15W-40's versatile formulation provides protection against wear and deposits, ensuring reduced maintenance costs and preventing unscheduled downtime.

• Reduced inventory. Because Castrol Tection 15W-40 is a versatile product, mixed fleets need to stock only one engine oil.

• Extended oil drain intervals. Castrol Tection 15W-40 is approved by OEMs for use at extended drain intervals, so reducing downtime and servicing costs.

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