CASTROL Tection Monograde 10W, 30, 40 & 50

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Description The Castrol Tection Monograde 10W, 30, 40 and 50 lubricants are mineral based, monograde diesel engine oils specifically designed to provide effective performance in a number of applications. The Castrol Tection Monogrades are quality engine oils recommended for turbocharged or naturally aspirated diesel engines, operating under severe conditions where a monograde oil is required.


• Castrol Tection Monograde 10W is recommended for hydraulic systems of civil engineering and construction equipment.

• Castrol Tection Monograde 30 is recommended for on-highway trucks, off-road construction and civil engineering equipment, light commercial diesel engines.

• Castrol Tection Monograde 40 is recommended for on-highway trucks, off-road construction, civil engineering and mining equipment, commercial vehicle diesel engines.

• Castrol Tection Monograde 50 is recommended for use in Fuller synchromesh gearboxes in commercial vehicles. Advantages / Features

• Reduce operating and maintenance costs.

• Formulated with carefully selected additives.

• Reduces oil consumption.

• Added dispersancy / detergency preventing ring sticking and breakages.

• Excellent thermal stability.

• Greater engine performance by controlling oil thickening in service.

Protects against oxidation and rust.

• Increased wear resistance on moving parts provided by selected anti-wear additives.

• Excellent protection against the formation and combination of deposits, rust and corrosion.

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