Mobilcut 100 - 20 Litr

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Mobilcut 100

Mobilcut 100 is a water-soluble, multi-purpose, high-performance, semi-synthetic cutting oil. These oils are formulated with high quality base oils, emulsifiers and additive systems to enable them to operate with a high machining performance in a wide range of machining processes. The highly oil-containing emulsion serves as excellent cutting performance, outstanding tool lubrication and anti-corrosion. Light and medium-intensity processes of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (Mobilcut 122); and for a wide range of cutting operations ranging from medium to hard processing (Mobilcut 122).

Mobilcut 122 oils can be easily and stable micro emulsions with water. These products are designed to emulsify with a wide range of quality water and are resistant to foaming even in high pressure systems. The emulsions formed by Mobile 122 provide longer coolant life than conventional water soluble cutting oils if proper cutting oil maintenance procedures are followed.

Mobilcut 122 oils do not contain nitrite and chlorine.

Features and Benefits

Mobilcut 122's water-soluble cutting oils have a well-deserved reputation for their outstanding performance over many years. These oils can be used in a wide variety of processes and show lubrication properties.

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