PO MAXIMUS Super Diesel 20W-50 - 180 kg

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PO MAXIMUS Super Diesel 20W-50

High Performance Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil


It is a high quality heavy duty diesel engine oil. It provides high performance in all seasons in all diesel engine types operating under heavy load and off-road conditions.


Places of Use

 Recommended for all commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, trucks, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and generators with diesel engines, including turbocharged and supercharged engines.

Features and Benefits

 Even under the heaviest working conditions, it does not decrease, its pressure does not drop and does not foam.

 It facilitates first work in the cold and provides effective lubrication in the hot.

 It decreases maintenance costs and provides effective protection in vehicles with many kilometers.

 In the first run, it minimizes the wear that may occur in the engine.

 Thanks to its wide application area, it reduces the product variety in fleets.

 It extends the time between oil change periods.

 It increases the combustion efficiency by keeping the engine clean.

 It is long lasting.

Specifications and Approvals that it meets

API CF-4 / CF / CE / CD / SG

VW 505.00, CAT TO-2

Allison C3, MIL-L-2104 D


Typical Properties

SAE Viscosity Grade 20W-50

Density @ 15 ° C g / ml ASTM 4052 0.892

Flash Point COC, ° C ASTM D 92 238

Kinematic Viscosity

Mm2 / s at 40 ° C

Mm2 / s ASTM D 445 176,5 at 100 ° C


Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 129

Pour Point, ° C ASTM D 97 -24

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