Po Turboşarj Extra Sae 40 180 Kg

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PO Turbocharger Extra 40

High Performance Single Grade Diesel Engine Oil


It is a long-lasting oil at the level of SHPD (Super High Performance Diesel Engine Oil) that can meet all the features that high-speed, four-stroke diesel engines expect from a mineral oil.


Places of Use

 It is used in high speed, turbocharged diesel engines of heavy construction vehicles and heavy vehicles.


Features and Benefits

 It provides safe use in all seasons with high turbocharged and turbocharged engines operating at high speed and high temperature.

 Thanks to its fluency at low temperatures, it provides convenience in the first run.

 Thanks to its high TBN value, it protects the engine against rust, corrosion and wear in fuels with high sulfur content.

 It removes acidic combustion products caused by sulfur from the environment.

 It helps to get high efficiency from the engine.

 It provides savings in operating expenses by extending oil change periods.

Specifications and Approvals that it meets

 API CH-4 / CF / SL, ACEA E3 / B4 / B3 / A3, ALLISON C-4,

MB 228.2, MTU TYPE 2, MAN 270

Typical Properties

SAE Viscosity Grade 40

Density @ 15 ° C g / ml ASTM 4052 0.89

Flash Point COC, ° C ASTM D 92 254

Kinematic Viscosity

Mm² / s at 40 ° C

Mm² / s ASTM D 445 129,72 at 100 ° C


Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 111

Pour Point, ° C ASTM D 97 -30

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