Mobilube 1 Shc 75W-90 208 Liter Drum

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Mobilube 1 SHC 75W-90

It is a fully synthetic, super performance commercial gear oil formulated with high technology base oils and high technology additive system. This product is designed for manual heavy duty transmissions and rear axles used in applications that require gear oils with relatively higher viscosity and excellent load carrying capacity, in wide temperature ranges and applications where extreme pressure and shock loads are expected. Mobilube 1 SHC 75W-90 has higher thermal and oxidation stability, higher Viscosity Index (VI), extremely low pour point and better flowability at low temperature.

The modern technology behind Mobilube1 SHC 75W-90 oil provides optimum stability against temperature-related deterioration and oxidation, wear and corrosion, as well as cutting stability, long service life and fuel savings, in addition to the extraordinary viscosity-temperature properties required for wide temperature range applications. . This product is formulated to provide a higher viscosity index by structure using synthetic base oils to provide stronger film strength than mineral oils at high temperatures without adding VI improvers. Since the product maintains its fluidity without channeling at subzero temperatures, said technology also ensures effective lubrication. Mobilube 1 SHC

75W-90 meets or exceeds API MT-1 / GL-4 / GL-5 gear oil service ratings.

Features and Benefits

Thanks to its innovative powertrain designs, today's technology has greatly improved the load, torque and speed performance and control capabilities of heavy-duty equipment operating on roads and off-road conditions. These designs also changed and increased expectations from lubricants in order to meet their superior performance needs, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. Friction control in order to achieve longer gear and seal life, smooth operation, better fuel economy and high load / high torque capacity in wide application areas where heavy duty final drive units operate,

Features such as wear protection, thermal stability, shear stability, protection against rust and corrosion and protection of seals are required to be optimally balanced. Mobilube 1 SHC 75W-90 has been developed to provide the lowest total operating cost associated with exceptional performance and lubrication in heavy duty powertrains. The main benefits are:

Features Advantages and Benefits

Longer gear and bearing life as a result of minimizing deposits

Outstanding thermal stability and resistance to oxidation due to high temperatures

Longer seal / seal life

Outstanding protection against low speed / high torque wear, flaking and higher load bearing capacity due to high speed engine wear

Low maintenance costs and longer equipment life

It protects its viscosity and film strength under hard working conditions and prevents abrasion.

Excellent cutting stability

Features Advantages and Benefits

Increased synchromesh performance and longer component life

Excellent protection against corrosion, discoloration and corrosion of copper and its alloys

Increased fuel economy and easier gear shifting

Enhanced friction properties

Ease of start-up, even in less wear and polar conditions

Outstanding fluidity at low temperatures compared to mineral oils

Possibility to use single oil in heavy duty manual transmissions and rear axles

Wide multi-purpose feature

Good resistance to foaming Maintaining film strength for effective lubrication

Compatible with typical automotive seals and gaskets Minimum leakage and less contamination

Usage places

• Heavy duty manual transmissions and axles that require API GL-4, GL-5 and MT-1 level performance

• Light and heavy duty trucks, buses, minibuses and cars used on the road

• Industries working in land conditions such as construction, quarrying and agriculture

• As the first filling, level completion and refilling oil in transmissions, axles and other applications where oils suitable for API GL-4, GL-5 and MT-1 are used or moderate extreme pressure gear oils are recommended.

• Not designed for automatic, manual or semi-automatic transmissions where engine oil or automatic transmission oils are recommended.

• Recommended for applications where long maintenance intervals and long warranty are required

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