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Energol CL 505 is a high performance 50 BN marine diesel engine cylinder lubricant suitable for use in engines using fuel with a wide range of sulphur content.


Energol CL 505 is suitable for use in two-stroke crosshead engines on prolonged operation using residual fuel typically below 2.5% sulphur. It is also suitable for use in engines operating on residual fuel with up to 3% sulphur for ship owners who, at their own discretion, wish to use a single cylinder oil when switching between low and medium sulphur fuels.

Energol CL 505 is also suitable for use during in-service running-in, sea trials and test bed trials.

Features / Benefits

Enables flexibility to use fuel with a wide range of sulphur content with a single cylinder lubricant.

Excellent control of piston ring and cylinder liner wear.

Ensures reduced deposits when operating on low sulphur fuels.

Minimises the risk of cylinder liner scuffing during prolonged operation on low sulphur fuel.

High level of piston, piston ring and cylinder liner cleanliness.

Excellent thermal and oxidative stability.

Approval Status

Energol CL 505 meets the requirements for use of all major marine crosshead engine manufacturers. Please refer to the appropriate engine manufacturer for specific application details.

Packaging and Storage

All packages should be stored under cover. Where outside storage is unavoidable drums should be laid horizontally to avoid the possible ingress of water and the obliteration of drum markings. Products should not be stored above 60°C, exposed to hot sun or freezing conditions.

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