BP Tractran 8

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BP Terrac Tractran 8 / Fluid 8 is a tractor oil of the type

"UTTO" for use in hydraulic systems, synchronized

Manual transmissions, Powershift transmissions and particularly suitable for wet brakes integrated in the transmission.

Main advantages

- Optimally adjusted friction coefficient properties for

 quiet and safe function of wet brakes

- Safe wear protection

- Prevention of corrosion

- High heat and aging stability


BP Terrac Tractran 8 / Fluid 8 meets the requirements:

- API GL 4 (Low Speed ​​/ High Torque)

- Caterpillar TO2

- Allison C3

- Massey-Ferguson MF 1135

- Ford New Holland M2C 86 B / C

- Renault RA 180596

- Fiat, Landini, Valmet and Steyr


Containers of any kind should be stored under a roof, if possible. In the case of unprotected storage in the open air without a roof, the oil drums must be stored horizontally in order to prevent water from penetrating and to preserve the legibility of the labels. The products should not be stored at temperatures above 60 ° C

become. They must be protected from direct sunlight or frost.

Health, safety, environment A safety data sheet can be used to provide information on health, safety and environmental aspects

be requested. This contains details about possible hazards, precautionary and first aid measures, as well as the effects on the environment and the disposal of used products.

The British Petroleum Company p.l.c. or its affiliates accept no responsibility whatsoever if the product is used incorrectly or without the necessary precautionary measures, or if it is used for purposes other than intended. If the product is to be used for a different application than that described in this product information, we recommend that you ask the responsible BP company for advice.

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