Mobilube HD 85W-140 - 208 Liter Drum

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Mobilube HD 85W-140

They are gear oils formulated from an advanced additive system with high performance base oils. These oils are designed for the last drive units exposed to excessive pressure and impact load and heavy duty axles. They provide excellent performance where API GL-5 specification is required.

Features and Benefits

Today's heavy-duty equipment brings high performance expectations from transmission oils. Higher speeds, higher torque and heavier loads require formulas developed to optimize operating costs and maximize equipment life. Longer service maintenance intervals require the use of effective base oil and additive systems, creating additional expectations from gear oils. Mobilube HD series gear oils are designed to meet these requirements. The main benefits are below.

Features Advantages and Benefits

Unmatched thermal stability and resistance to high temperature oxidation Less deposit formation, therefore long gear and bearing life

Longer seal life

Very good protection against low speed / high torque and high speed abrasion Increased load carrying capacity

Reduced maintenance costs and longer equipment life

Excellent protection against rust and corrosion Less wear and longer component life

Effective lubrication at low temperature Ease of start-up

Compatibility with gaskets and seals used in automotive Minimum leakage and reduction in contamination

Usage places

Heavy-duty axles and final drives that require API GL-5 level performance

Light and heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles operating on road conditions

Construction, mining, quarries and agricultural areas with land conditions

In other heavy duty industrial and automotive applications of hypoid gears in high speed / impact load, high speed / low torque and / or low speed / high torque operating conditions

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