Mobil Dte 846 - 180 Kg

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Mobil DTE 846

Mobil DTE 832 and 846 oils are designed for use under the harshest operating conditions faced by steam turbines, gas turbines and combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT). These innovative products, with very high quality base oils that provide superior thermal / oxidation resistance, which have undergone specific methods of hydrogen treatment, provide the residue control and "keeping clean" performance required for gas turbines operating under harsh conditions, as well as the excellent water separation feature required for steam turbine operation. It has been formulated with a specially selected additive system.This formulation is also suitable for turbines coupled with gear transmission group.

It also includes a zinc-free anti-wear system that meets load-bearing requirements. Mobil DTE 800 Series oils meet the individual requirements of modern steam and gas turbine designs, as well as an excellent choice for the single oil required in combined cycle applications where gas turbine and steam turbine are coupled back to back. The ability to meet both deposit control and water separation requirements at the same time is a key indicator for the performance of this advanced lubrication technology. The excellent thermal / oxidation resistance of Mobil DTE 832 and 846 oils allows them to operate under the harshest turbine conditions. The performance characteristics of Mobil DTE 800 Series oils are reflected in excellent equipment protection, reliable operation, reduced downtime and increased oil life. Since these products can be used in all kinds of steam and gas turbines, they can provide maximum flexibility for the operators.

Features and Benefits

Mobil DTE brand mineral-based products have been the choice of the world's leading turbine manufacturers for more than a hundred years. Throughout this period, our company's scientists have worked closely with turbine equipment manufacturers and operators and have consistently ensured that our oils meet or exceed the requirements of new turbine designs. This situation has brought about the continuous renewal of Mobil turbine oils and the application of the most appropriate modern base oil and additive technology. For modern stationary gas turbines operating under high power generation conditions, extraordinary protection against thermal / oxidation effects and deposit formation is an indispensable requirement. Working under harsh conditions, heat on oils

This causes stresses, which leads to filter clogging, sludge formation in servo-valves and shortening oil life. In the case of steam leaks in modern steam turbines, good water separation as well as high oxidation resistance are required. For combined cycle plants, oils are expected to provide the properties required for both types of turbines.

Mobil DTE 800 Series oils provide the following features and potential benefits:

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits

Prevents the possibility of wrong oil application, reduces costly oil changes

Simultaneously meets and exceeds gas and steam turbine requirements demanded by leading manufacturers

Decreases inventory costs

Excellent thermal / oxidation stability Reduces downtime, provides more reliable operation

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits

Increases oil change interval, decreases production costs

Provides excellent protection for speed reducer turbines (gas and steam), reduces maintenance and replacement costs

Excellent protection against wear

Extends equipment life, reduces the cost of parts replacement

Provides efficient operation of the system and reduction in maintenance costs

Excellent water separation properties

Usage places

Mobil DTE 832 and 846 are superior performance turbine oils designed for use in steam and gas turbine oil systems, turbine speed control mechanisms with direct connection or reduction in speed. Special applications include:

Combined Cycle (CCGT) electric power, the common centralized lubrication system for steam and gas turbines

production applications.

Used in electrical power generation, natural gas pipeline transmission, generation facilities and energy recovery facilities

lubrication of steam and gas turbines.

Specifications and Approvals

Mobil DTE 800 Series is the industrial 832 846 given below

meets or exceeds specifications:

Meets or exceeds JIS K2213 Type 2 X X

Meets or exceeds DIN 51515-1 L-TD X X

Meets or passes DIN 51515-2 L-TG X X

GE GEK 28143A meets or exceeds X X

Solar ES 9-224, Class II meets or exceeds X X

GE GEK 32568-E / F meets or exceeds X

Meets GE GEK 101941-A X

Meets GE GEK 107395 X

Alstom Power Sweden 812108 meets X

Alstom Power Sweden 812109 meets X

Mobil DTE 800 Series meets the following builder approvals 832 846


Alstom Power HTGD 90 117 X X

Siemens TLV 9013 04 X X

GE GEK 32568-C Quality Level X

Typical Properties

Mobil DTE 800 Series 832 846

ISO Viscosity Grade 32 46

Mobil DTE 800 Series 832 846


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